Transparency In the Vancouver Food Bizzz

1 Feb

As I am sure many of you know, this weekend  was the beginning of Dine Out Vancouver! Dine out Vancouver  is presented by Tourism Vancouver and show cases some of Vancouver’s top premier restaurants. The prices are very reasonable, offered at $18, $28, or $38 price points for 3  course meals. Saturday night I went out with a bunch of my girlfriends for a friends birthdays to the restaurant/lounge 100 Days in Yale Town.  We enjoyed a lovely 3 course meal for $28, enjoyed some tasty bevies, staff was great and friendly, we had a wonderful time. is a link to the official Opus Hotel Blog talking about 100 days in Dine Out Vancouver. The blog is managed and written by the former General Manager of Opus Hotel, direct affiliation with 100 Days restaurant. After reading the Opus Blog, I thought about the article about Tranparency in Social Media.  The article written by Beth Harte as she states the different levels of transparency in social media communication. I feel like the Opus Hotel blog is very “Opaque” in transparency as it seems to be very one way in its communication. People are able to leave a reply or comment about posts, however it will not be posted and publicly viewed. I’m hopefully assuming that it WILL be replied to privately? However this does not seem very engaging or forthcoming to potential dinners. 

I think  opening up and showing real comments on the official Opus Hotel Blog would really be beneficial to their business. What works for me as a consumer, and I know along with my other friends, seeing real comments posted, especially about dinning experiences, really sways where we will be making our reservations.  And from my experience this weekend, I know I would have nothing but good things to say about our experience and choosing 1o0 days for our Dine Out Vancouver experience.

So what do you think? Is it valuable allowing current and potential clients to post comments publicly on blogs and websites? What level of transparency works best?

Cheers, and Happy Eating! XOXO LAALAA


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